• May 5, 2019

When a girl and a guy gets locked up in a room for twenty-four hours, wouldn’t you think about something suspicious?. This play won in the palanca awards, dulaang isang yugto category. Attached Files. File Type: pdf 20 Questions ni Juan ( KB, Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis A Palanca Award winning play written and directed by Juan Ekis Magbabalik na ngayong FB & Twitter: @20qnijuanekis.

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The questiona play staged inside a hotel room seeks to engage the audience in having a more participative role, the writer and director Valles tells the audience after the play. Here’s a video we made while making the movie hehe.

Post a Comment Thank you for making my interactive diary dreams come true! Posted by Gab Mesina at 9: Christian Valles play that won the Palanca award in By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Key image of juna play is the bottle of wine the characters swigged in between answering the questions. Valles said the completely different experiences of the two pave the way for a dramatic irony in the play, which he said is a key ingredient in any storytelling.

We stayed up late learning how to dance, looking up Filipino surnames, watching the gory parts of Saw, watching chick flicks and laughing huhu. March 9, 20 Questions ni Juan Ekis. Marc Jayson Cayabyab – Reporter.

Let’s talk about sex: Juan Ekis’ ‘20 Questions’ brings audience to seat of action

The films will be shown in school next week and I hope ours gets the green light from the department regardless of the themes in it hehe. Maqui and the girls slept over and it was so fun and so noisy and Maqui is so nice huhu.


In the play, Jigs is the more conservative one holding 02 to his Catholic faith, with dreams of losing his virginity to the one he would marry. Newer Post Older Post Home.

REVIEW: Wine and the Beauty of Contrast from ’20 Questions’ by Juan Ekis – When In Manila

We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. We were to choose a piece of literature be it a poem or a story or a novel in Tagalog or English and make a film adaptation of it. PNP aims for more peaceful streets, communities in December 31, For feedback, complaints, or qiestions, contact us. No holds barred in answering the questions.

Valles has written the same kind of experimental theater taking the audience to the seat of the action. For our last hurrah in Filipino we were asked to participate in the Filipino Film Festival in school.

“Twenty Questions ni Juan Ekis” is Back for a Limited Time Only

The priest-like character Jigs puts it appropriately: The pursuit of true perfection. To find out more, please click this link. The audience are seated in chairs directly beside the bed where the actors get into a conversation.

The play culminates in the two staring at each other, music playing in the background and the lights switching off, leaving the audience wanting more than the 20 questions already quedtions during the play. Bi glad projects can make us bond and make memories huhuuhuhuhu. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Yumi, whose sexual adventures led her to wrong places, compelling her to make a vow of abstention so as to experience the magic of love making.


20 Questions by Juan Ekis

Now the two with their newfound bond have to trust each other in keeping their secrets stay inside the room. Don’t miss out on the latest juann and information. Quewtions enables the audience to take a peek into or eavesdrop on the conversation happening in front of them.

We chose 20 Questions by Juan Ekis, a Palanca award-winning screenplay that I fell in like with after Chloe made me read it some time last year.

Since I suck at summarizing without giving away too much, I have the 2 teaser trailers that we have to entice you and excite you guys and encourage you to watch our film on the 14th of March!

The play is replete with lines that touch the sensibilities of the audience, especially the youth who has to grapple with their relationships and life choices. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

An outpour of secrets and ekid meaningful conversation.