• May 7, 2019

The general instructions go on to say on the t-ez form that the difference between the t and the t-ez form is that “t-ez cannot be used by. Form T-EZ Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript (Rev. January ) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service OMB No. January ) Form T-EZ (Rev. ) Page. 2. Purpose of form. Individuals can use Form T-EZ to request a tax return T EZ Chase Form.

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I am in the same situation, this is ridiculous! Oh my God, I only thought this was happening to me. I called to see what was happening. Someone must send this information to President Obama and his secretary of the treasury. I need to know why these banks make it impossible to get a modifiction for the hard working class to keep thier home but rather take a home by forclosuer and sell it at a redicules low price that they could have given to you in the first place,to the rich person so that rich person can make a huge profit what is wrong here???????

Then I start overcall and they read through the documentation and my account manager is not available but he will call me if he needs anything else.


Fax it in with the requested financial information to the number indicated on the form or return it directly to your assigned homeownership representative.

I could be that the banks is getting a big check from the FDIC and still gets to sell the property after.

What is a 4506-T and how is it different than a 4506T-EZ?

Main menu Skip to primary content. Same thing with me! All of the above comments are true. Hope you you have better luck then me.

I thought I was going crazy and here is my story over and over again! I have also been trying to get this modification for about a year and a half and thats how they been doing us also.

This is the same thing I had to go thought.

I do not know and either; I do not receive any document said: David , this is what is happening to me. The life of our people depends on the prayers of the righteous!

I hate to say it but Chase is not the only bank doing this crap…my sister was dealing with another bank and the story chaes the same as all the ones listed on this page.

Get Chase Modification Forms Here

Everyone would get chasd they needed and Chase would still have happy customers. How do I know? Chase help only if you make a lot of money even for loan modifications you have to show them you can pay yhe house only that way they help you so what is the point loan modifications is because you have problems paying you house. Apparently, there is a new representative assigned to my case.


Get Chase Modification Forms Here – Chase Home Finance SucksChase Home Finance Sucks

They continue to allow foreigners to take authority over the US Citizens. There are a few reasons. Fax it in with the requested financial information to the number indicated on the form or return it directly to your assigned homeownership representative 3. Someone needs to help. Obama is to busy trying to get re-elected.

Log in to Reply. I was told documents missing when they were not provided the first time around. Im getting very upset,and this will be my last dealings with chase EVER!!!!!!! They told her to send in the trial payments……The house was forclosed by the bank anyway. Yes, Chase does suck, all their reps always give me different info, no one is ever on the same track.

And it sames they keep playing games. Chase is horrible, unprofessional, and incompetent. I have experienced all of them. So what am I to do. I need is forms T please.