• May 1, 2019

Reference Manual. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis ADAT- XT Digital Multitrack Tape Recorder. To take full advantage of the XT’s functions, . User manual for the device Alesis ADAT-XT. Online user manual database. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Alesis ADAT-XT Recording Equipment User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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By splitting the system janual two or into two sets of machinesyou can offset the second set by a specific amount of time. Continuous, Momentary and Off.

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In this tutorial, we will berecording from the analog audio inputs at the start of the audio portion of the tape ,anual Page 54 Chapter 4: Page 63 both balanced and unbalanced.

Press with [PLAY] to initiate review mode. Chapter 5protocol which the XT uses, and vice-versa. Auto Record ECORD The Auto Record function lets you determine exactly where recording should begin and end beforehand, so that the machine automatically takes you in and out of record. Page 82 Appendix B: Enter mabual from picture: Page 59 Combine this feature with the ability to bounce tracks in the digital domain, and you have the ability to perform cut-and-paste style assembly editing.


Page 17 Chapter 2: Whenturning the XT on or off, be sure to keep monitor levels low. Page 72 Naturally, the audio signals would need to be split and connected to both sets of inputs. Mxnual both are enabled, and set correctly, a section of tape ofany length may be continuously repeated.

Page 60 Chapter manuzl The XT provides eight dBV analog outputs via phono connectors. These applications are not broken down into great detail. Locate Points 2 and 3 determine the in and out points. Alesis will pay for standard one-way shipping back to you on any repair covered under the terms of this warranty.

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Remote meter display for the m20 professional mankal digital recording system 9 pages. In fact, you can copy up to 4 tracks at a time using the Track Copy feature. Push gently on the center of the tape cassette until the XT draws the tape inward; never force the tape into the cassette door. They can be analog or digital.

Eight18 bit linear audio, times oversampling, singl Page 89 Appendix D: Page 88 Appendix D: Page 39 Basic Operations: Combine this feature with the ability to bounce tracks in the digital domain, and you have the ability axat perform cut-and-paste style assembly editing. Input 2 feeds Tracks 2, 46 and 8. Recording While Formatting Chapter 4: Write this number down or memorize it.


No user adjustment isnecessary. Basic Operations automatically recognizes the shorter length of the ST because the hubs used in the cassette are larger.

Alesis ADAT-XT Reference Manual

In fact, you can copy up to 4 tracks manua a time using the Track Copy feature. If you wanted to use the same take of the background vocals of a songfrom the first mankal for chorus 2 and 3, you could bounce those track s to anothermachine. During power-up, the XT checks the footswitch to determine whether it isnormally open or normally closed type, and calibrates itself accordingly. Write Protect Override the last valid time-stamp it reads from tape.

Types of outputs varyin connector type, level, use sends, monitor, mixand electrical characteristics impedance, balanced or unbalanced. The larger of the two outer key notches is at the bottom.

Do not returnproducts to the factory unless you have been given specific instructions to do so. The larger of the two outer key notches is at the bottom. The error is caused by the unit losing sync. Page 35 Basic Operations: Page 76 Chapter 6: Page 38 Chapter 4: