• June 12, 2019

AR Datasheet PDF Download – ROCm Single-Chip MAC/BB/Radio, AR data sheet. Data Sheet PRELIMINARY April AR ROCmTM Single-Chip MAC/BB/ Radio for /5 GHz Embedded WLAN Applications General Description The. AR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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The Atheros logo is a registered trademark of Atheros Communications, Inc.

The least significant at6002 of the register is ANTA. It then begins communicating with this host. If the host status overflow bit is set, any mailbox Tx bytes that arrive from the host when the mailbox is full, are discarded.

The MBOX is a service module to handle one of two possible external hosts: Figure shows the generic SDIO address map. Building on the advanced AR Features performance and features of the AR family, the compact size and low power consumption of this single chip design make it an ideal vehicle for adding WLAN to hand-held and dataseet battery-powered consumer electronic devices.

This external clock source can be used as the sleep clock datashest of the calibration module output. Advanced s architecture and protocol techniques save power ro during sleep, stand-by and active states. It is a high-frequency clock sourced from either an external crystal or oscillator source.

The type of host the AR uses depends upon the polarity of some package pins upon system power-up.

The Atheros AR is the 2nd generation of the. The baseband programmable gain filter is shared between the 2G and 5G paths. When the host clears underflow interrupt, mailbox FIFOs return to normal operation.


Pin Descriptions This section contains a listing of the signal descriptions see Table for the BGA package pin outs. After these signals have been de-asserted, The AR waits for the host power enable signal to be asserted by the external host processor. Radio Synthesizer Block Diagram 3. AR chips li Pr e in m ary th: The host reads the ready bit and can now send function commands to the AR A 3V level is required to control front-end components like xPA or a switch, which are made of semiconductors requiring 2.

Subject to change without notice.

AR6002 Datasheet PDF

The only resets that stay asserted are given below: Strong signal detection simply looks for large changes in incoming signal strength, and will assume that these “strong signals” are most likely packets to try and decode. Subject to change without notice. The RF performance, data throughput, and power consumption further improve upon the performance of the AR family. Zr6002 architecture and protocol techniques save power during sleep, stand-by and active states.

The others are hardware interrupts for various configurations. The outputs of the DAC are low pass filtered through an on-chip reconstruction filter to remove spectral images and out-of-band quantization noise. As long as the host status underflow bit is set, any mailbox reads that arrive when the mailbox is empty, return garbage data.

The baseband to radio interface is a low-latency shift control interface that allows the baseband module to quickly and autonomously adjust radio settings to reflect the current packet sizing and direction flow. A block diagram is shown in Figure The AR has an internal calibration module which produces a Like on transmit, this includes all filtering and sample rate conversions necessary for processing the incoming signal.


It has AHB interfaces from three Masters: Absolute qr6002 ratings are those values beyond datasyeet damage to the device can occur. Its inputs consist of sleep requests from these modules and its outputs consists of clock enable and power signals which are used to gate the clocks going to these modules.

It is also possible to hold the CPU in reset until the host clears an internal register. It is the input to the RF synthesizer for generating required frequencies for proper In addition, software may operate the SI in either polling or interrupt mode.

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Building on the advanced. An on-chip bandgap reference circuit provides the needed voltage and current references based on an external 6.

Output is single ended.

To ensure that FCC limits are observed and output power stays close to dstasheet maximum allowed, transmit output power is adjusted by a closed loop digitally programmable control loop at the start of each packet. Ordering Information Dagasheet AR may be ordered as follows: The CPU may continue to be held in reset under some circumstances until its reset is cleared by an external pin or when the host clears a register.

For the 5 GHz operation, the receiver is implemented using the sliding IF topology.