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The turn of the century bahay na bato or “stone house” — the Old Manila Nostalgia blog correctly renames it the bahay na bato at kahoy — is. Parts of the Bahay na Bato: characteristics. Wall partitionswood with calado above. Ceilings canvas, sawali or tin. Ground floor charcoal, sand or gravel floored. Bahay na Bato (Geometric Style). Picture. Bahay na Bato (Geometric Style). Picture. Bahay na Bato (Floral Style). Picture.

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Back then, tenants caught stealing were imprisoned by landlord in the silong. The sala mayor at the Lizares mansion in Negros. These reasons gave rise, through the process of reduccion, to the new concept bayay bayan and this time it is called the pueblo.

I find it interesting that the word bahay, “house”, is similar to the word buhay”life”. Ateneo de Manila, A dining room in a house in Taal, Batangas. Capiz shells were often used as window panes. Philippine Ancestral Houses The Typical Cagayan Church Style. This space, the zaguan bshay, was used to store the family carriage and processional cart in the old days and nowadays often function as office, shop or the family’s sari-sari store. Horses for carriages were housed in stables called caballerizas.

Most Bahay na batos’ foundations in Visayas are bahy stone material though many are still adobe and bricks.

Bahay na bato

It is wider than a lounging chair to accommodate stocky friars, hence its name. Some have galvanized roofs, some have tiled roofs, and some have nipa or cogon roofs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Skip to main content. Languages Tagalog Edit links. Calabarzon is one of the regions of The Philippines that has some of the best preserve heritage houses.


For this purpose, the Chinese and the indigenous Filipinos were taught how to nz and dress stone, how to prepare and use mortar, and how to mold bricks. In the past, the galleria volada was used by servants to go from room to room, since the main floors of the house were reserved for the masters.

Beside the kitchen is an open-air area which is called as azotea serves as a balcony.

But when it comes to space, the bshay has a lot to give. Subscribe to our newsletter now! As a result, many of these buildings ends up being a Bahay na bato as well, with very few differences such as size and proportion.

As construction techniques were developed, quarries opened, bxto kilns constructed, various parts of the country began to show a preference for specific building materials.

They also needed a place in which they would establish a permanent seat of governance, military and religion. Click here to sign up.

The most famous ones are in the Malolosin its heritage core where ancestral houses are located. In fact, this is evident in the existence of the plaza complex.

Translated by Pedro Galende. Ateneo de Manila University Press, The Bahay na Bato was spacious. Different styles depend on each house’s individual appearance. However, it still remains faithful to the Nipa hut principle. Parys were designed for tradesmen and tenant farmers who brought in fighting cocks while waiting for the master of the house. In short, a pueblo is arranged reflecting social stratifications within a Spanish- Filipino society.


One of its early relatives was our own native Bahay Kubo. It was popular among the elite or middle-class, and integrated the characteristics of the nipa hut with the style, culture and technology of Chinese and Spanish architecture. Coral rock quarried from reefs abto low tide was used as ground floor building material in places where no adobe limestone is available.

Its local name, bahay kubomeans “cube house”, though not all are of a cubic shape. Nipa hut and Ancestral houses of the Philippines.

The area where the Bahay na Bato are located is always near the plaza complex it is a sign that the Bahay na Bato is indeed a social marker since it is located at the part of the city where the elites are. Our original ancestral home, and still the home of Filipinos in rural areas, is the bahay kuboor “nipa hut” prob. The house was composed of different rooms which has different use. Instituto Cervantes, Accessed April 23,http: However, the ambitious plans of the Spaniards were dashed in when a terrible earthquake struck Manila.

Bahay na bato – Wikipedia

A tall, glass-fronted display cabinet meant for keeping porcelain plates and glassware. Bahay na bato was created because the Spaniards and the indios back then in the country became aware of the environmental situation that the Philippines are in.

Capitol Publishing House, 3 Batp.

The Architecture of Augustinian Churches in the Philippines.