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Big Data has ratings and reviews. Morcan The STREAM TONE by T. Gilling Wikinomics by Don Tapscott Big Data by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The key to answering these questions, and many more, is big data. A revolution on par with the Internet or perhaps even the printing press, big data will change the way we think about business, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth Cukier. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of internet governance and regulation at the University of Oxford—and this week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero—believes that.

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Viktor Mayer-Schönberger – Wikipedia

Since we have so much data, the quality of individual data points is not important and we can allow inexactness in measurement processes as long as there isn’t a systematic bias. In fact, he set his sights on doing even more than that. The next time your insurance premium goes up is it because they have guessed you fit within a certain demographic, or mayer-schohberger it because they have access to more health information about you than your family doctor?

Big Data is replacing the old cause-and-effect theory of ‘if something datz done in a particular way, it will have a particular effect”, with correlation theory of “if most people are doing a particular thing in a particular way, then most others, if not everyone, are also likely to do that in the same way.

We will spot students vuktor are starting to slip long before majer-schonberger final exam. The sensationalist in me was fascinated by how data can be used for ill and the writers were firm in their views that data must never be used in isolation without human mayer–schonberger. Our every action of regular life creates a sort of data, which ultimately can be used to regulate, observe, predict and prepare a lot of things.

Retrieved September 21, That’s what’s different about Big Data — and that’s why the phenomenon is bound to change the way we think about the world. In he joined the faculty of Harvard Kennedy Schoolwhere he worked and taught for ten years. I learned a few useful nuggets from the book, but it felt largely muddled together and disjoint.


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Will correlation analysis of large data sets take the place of the painstaking theory-to-hypothesis-to-empirical-testing of traditional science? The crux of this book is an important learning and the authors have put in a lot of research work to enlighten the readers. Sampling was important when collecting data was expensive and difficult, but vuktor now we have access by one means or another to all data.

Trivia About Big Data: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. As such, the era of big data is producing massive, exhaustive, messy datasets that can be mined for insightful information that can be used to identify relationships within the data that can be capitalised upon, such as using the vast quantities of data produced by a supermarket chain about consumers and bib transactions to identify patterns of purchases which jayer-schonberger then be used to tailor marketing strategies and increase turn-over.

Thanh Tran in my opinion, just go fast thrown it. For the authors, a good deal of oversight will be needed in order to ensure that the potential abuses of big data are curbed.

But clearly the only way to interpret any kind of data is against a theory about what matters and why. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Write a customer review. I feel that the author would have been mayer-schonbergeer served by a stronger editor.

A revolution on par with the Internet or perhaps even the printing press, big data will change the way we think about business, health, politics, education, and innovation in the years to come. I originally gave it four stars but now just three. I didn’t proofread this as I’ve wasted far too much time reading this book. In this brilliantly clear, often surprising work, two leading experts explain what big data is, how it will change our lives, and what we can do to protect ourselves from its hazards.

From out air journeys to the bank transactions to the mayer-schonberget searches, everything can be collected in the form of data, and can be used.

Aug 23, Bev rated it really liked it.


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My library Help Advanced Book Search. We will prevent deadly fires from consuming overcrowded New York tenements by knowing which building to inspect first. Etzioni couldn”t have built the company five or ten years earlier. Even more egregiously, it does this in favor of pages upon pages arguing against the distant straw man of Minority Report-style crime prediction. It is actually also easy to also link that to who is near you at that time. On the flight, curiosity got the better of him and he asked the fellow in the next seat how much his ticket had cost and when he had bought it.

The first half of the book was great but it really took effort to get through the second half. It gets annoying some times when even words and sentences are bearing the same essence. Etzioni concluded that he didn”t need to decrypt the rhyme or reason for the price differences.

Using a sample of 12, price observations that was obtained by “scraping” information from a travel website over a day period, Etzioni created a predictive model that handed its simulated passengers a tidy savings.

The key point of distinction is that when you can access nearly all of the data in a situation in real time, analysis approaches and techniques change and the uses of data analysis greatly increase.

Thanks to the massive increase in computer processing power, very inexpensive storage, and diverse types of d Well-researched and well-written, this guidebook to the dystopian? But to do that, they needed to know where it already was.

OK, but why not at least try to put things in a broader context? In my opinion, the same excellent information could be clearly conveyed in half the word count. One interesting insight, in the Big Data world, 2 2 need not be