• May 5, 2019

Fantasy author Cinda Williams Chima. Book cover of “The Demon King” Cover art by The Demon King is the first of four books in The Seven Realms Series. Return to The Demon King. Honors and Awards. A VOYA Perfect Ten; VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Booklist ; Starred review, Bulletin of. The Seven Realms is a series of four novels written by the American author Cinda Williams Chima. The four books in the current series are: The Demon King, The Exiled Queen, The Gray Wolf Throne, and The Crimson Crown. A sequel.

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With a magical piece so powerful at stake, Han knows that the Bayars will stop at nothing to get it back. View all 25 comments.

THE DEMON KING by Cinda Williams Chima | Kirkus Reviews

Needless teh say, The Demon King is a wonderful mass of contradictions. She is said to be very beautiful, with a waist a man can put his wliliams hands around. K Rowling has killed many characters, and I could not cope with her killing certain characters, but Han Alister is different. D Gray wolf throne was the best book i have read yet, kept me on my toes throughout the whole story and i could not stop reading, i will be depressed until next fall knowing i can’t find out what happens next until then: Oh and the ending?


Cinda Williams Chima (Author of The Demon King)

The ending with Micah was unsatisfactory. There is a build up with a festival planned and the villain setting his sights on Redwall Abbey. All the other characters—expect Amon’s father, Raisa’s and Dancer—were annoying as fuck, as they were meant to be.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. They aren’t precocious fifty year-olds in teenage bodies.

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A sweeping fantasy told through alternating points of view, Chima’s tale of a world in turmoil is a page-turner the reader will be hard pressed to put down. Re-read I’m bumping this one up a star! Had my great friend, Jennot bought me this for my birthday among many others, sigh, spoiledit might have even been another year before I even considered it again. But don’t judge her because of that, except her love life she was pretty mature and likeable! I just cannot wait to see her grow into a character I can admire, and I have a wilpiams that I will.

The Seven Realms

The conditions in the Fellsmarch gaol are absolutely horrific. Topics Mentioning This Author. The characters are bland, the world is bland, nothing happens, there’s cknda catch to get you interested in anything.

Is it bad that I already kinda ship it? Lila grinned when she saw his expression. It is my opinion that a Young Adult novel should be something that not only children but adults should enjoy as well. I’m not even sure what particular thing made it so enchanting.


Anyway, we follow two main protagonists: From her fuckity the Queen to that asshole Bayar and his son. They gave me Falling Kingdoms vibes, but then I quickly lost interest and I didn’t give a damn about Raisa wanting to rebel against her family’s wishes and the Queendom’s rules or all the boys she’s kissed I’m not against that – she can kiss whoever she wants, but every time Raisa introduced some boy, it would be a boy she shared a few kisses with here and there.

About the flaws, I felt the book could’ve been improved a bit. Tamora Pierce author of Alanna: There she crosses path with Han Alister who only knows her as Rebecca Morley. There’s always a reason behind it.

First of all we’ve got Han As for the bad?

You can put an enemy down on hcima back, or you can raise people up so they find what’s best in themselves. Next we have Dancer.