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A’Lapide’s famous commentary on the four gospels, translated into English in four volumes. THE GREAT COMMENTARY OF CORNELIUS À LAPIDE: VOLUMES 1 TO 8. CORNELIUS À LAPIDE. TRANSLATED BY THOMAS W. MOSSMAN, B.A. Flemish Jesuit and exegete, b. at Bocholt, in Flemish Limburg, 18 December, ; d. at Rome, 12 March,

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Cornelius a’Lapide’s Commentary on the Four Gospels

They explain not only the literal, but also the allegorical, tropological, and anagogical sense of the sacred textcorneilus furnish a large number of quotations from the Fathers and the later interpreters of Holy Writ during the Middle Ages.

But while this haven provided physical security, the religious conflict, in the Netherlands and throughout Northern Europe was never far away. He was a sincerely pious and zealous priest and an exemplary religious. cornekius

The midth century was truly a boom-time for the Anglo-Catholics. The Catholic Encyclopedia informs us that:. Some went forth so intellectually armed to govern parts of India and other British colonies. Instead, he fought the war in two other areas. Unfortunately, the 19th and 20th centuries saw a tragic event which effectively cut off the wisdom of a Lapide from a world ever more in need of it: The Catholic Encyclopedia informs us that: Lights, vestments, and processions revived, and some bishops once again began to wear mitres.

Robert Appleton Company, Which brings us at last to ourselves. Information Information About our company.

So effective was his work that many converts were made by it, and several Anglican and Lutheran theologians adopted and enjoined its use obviously, these were of the high church variety. Now is your opportunity to own this masterpiece. Biography portal Catholicism portal Belgium portal. A manuscript in the Vatican Library contains an Arabic translation of the Commentary on the Apocalypse, by Yusuf ibn Girgis beginning of the eighteenth century.


Douai, where a Lapide spent a crucial half-year, was also the training ground for many of the fearless English Catholic priests who returned to spread the Faith in their unhappy homeland. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight.

All these commentaries are on a very large scale. Other, later, saints also derived much from our author.

Knowledge of the four gospels is as powerful a weapon against falsehood and error in the 21st century as it was in the 17th and 19th centuries. Track my order s. During his professorship at Louvain he liked to spend his holidays preaching and administering the sacraments, especially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu. Pius IX restored the hierarchy of bishops to England inhe did not restore the historic sees, as he did in Scotland and the Netherlands later in the century.

Fatima and Our Lady. Cornelius Cornelii a Lapide.

For an additional fee, customers can have access to an online version of the book. An extract from the commentary on the Acts of the Apostles appeared in in Tyrnau under the title Effigies Sancti Pauli, sive idea vitae apostolicae. The following year he was ordained to the Anglican priesthood, and after serving as a curate in several spots, he was made Rector-Vicar of the Torringtons. But the flurry of Anglo-Catholic activity in England during those years led many, including Pius, to believe that the Church of England was, in fact, in the process of catholicizing itself.

Cornelius a’Lapide’s Commentary on the Four Gospels. Moreover, his translation was very nearly perfect.

Cornelius a’Lapide’s Commentary on the Four Gospels

As with he himself and Mossman, we live in a world of controversy and strife. But within Anglo-Catholicism two separate currents emerged: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


Retrieved from ” https: After teaching philosophy for half a year, he was made professor of holy Scripture at Louvain in and next year of Hebrew also. This article needs additional citations for verification.

All letters will be shown in their capitalized form.

Gifts and Specialty Products. Then as now, it was one of the pillars of Anglo-Catholicism. To ensure that a person, not an automated program, is filling this form, please enter the characters you see in this picture. He studied humanities and philosophy at the Jesuit colleges of Maestricht and Cologne, theology first, lapdie half a year, at the University of Douaiand afterwards for four years at Louvain ; he entered the Society of Jesus11 June,and, after two years’ noviciate and another year of theologywas ordained priest 24 December, Armed with a knowledge of Greek, Latin, and the literatures and histories of those languages to say nothing of English, French, German, and often others university graduates were expected to be able to do anything.

During his professorship at Leuven it pleased him to spend his holidays preaching and administering the Sacramentsespecially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu. All-in-all, this is an edition that will go far to open up the riches of a Lapide to the general public. Among the large number of histories, commentaries, and translations he wrote, the English version of Cornelius a Lapide stands out.

The facts of his biography are, cornleius the surface, fairly simple.