• May 5, 2019

DBX SL. 2-channel Compressor/Limiter Patent-pending AutoVelocity™ circuit dB of Dynamic Range High-Drive output transformer. The dbx S is a stereo compressor could not be more complete consists of a multitude of rotary pots, buttons, LEDs, and two good old. Despite being both smaller and lighter, this new compressor yields little in performance to Dbx’s flagship SL. The name Dbx is pretty much synonymous with.

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With the converter added, there would be three simultaneous audio output streams: Also note that the symmetry of output is through Jensen transformers capable of handling elephantine tensions. The connection is made via XLR course. Also on the back panel, dbx has provided three push-button switches for each 160wl channel: Dynamic range is greater than dB, and total harmonic distortion is.

Auto mode is great for live situations where you don’t have time. The lower level will not pass anything above 4, but if it is turned fully, it allows the 160zl to release its nominal level of 30 dB, so the onboard limiter is disengaged.

In contrast to “Hard Knee” mode, its action is logically less discreet, and you can easily reach the first sounds nice, but also quite fanciful and frankly little use as ridges flee everywhere.

Finally, here we are in the thick of it. Well to correct all these inconveniences manual 160zl, and just put it into action to get everything in order, except that the sound loses part of its appeal.

Including playing time break: You could also short pin 3 to ground if you want to unbalance but keep the level up.

The lighted VU meter has two scales: This vbx with a little practice and a look at the lights on the facade of the S allows to navigate quickly.


dbx SL Blue Precision Stereo Compressor/limiter | eBay

You can hear the confident 1160sl of a hard-wired bypass relay with a verifying red LED when you select sidechain mode. The compression ratio control is smooth and continuous from 1: Mix Magazine “Compression And Compressors”. Though precise, the nomenclature vbx be confusing, especially since there is no established convention among compressor manufacturers as to whether fully clockwise is fastest or slowest.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. The V8’s dynamic range is specified at greater than dB with 0.

This makes it much simpler to use and allows compressor work much more finesse, since the settings are changing constantly following the signal envelope, a pretty daunting thing to do manually. But after compressed and limited the signal, there is still, in this first case, the output gain knob to regain what was lost level dynamically.

dbx 160SL Blue Precision Stereo Compressor/limiter

Did you find this review helpful? The sound is nickel until the end of the last dB. Not satisfied with those reviews?

Moreover, a continuous monitoring of the needle VU reduction indicator mode, is necessary as it can go without problem up to 30dB very easily and without any adverse effects. The Unbalanced switch changes the output of the SL from balanced to unbalanced and drops the level 6 dB. Optional AD converter board X: In sidechain mode, the compressor responds to signals coming into the sidechain return connector rather than the normal input.

Back To Home Page. Used primarily on vocals, the S gives the best of himself, and at no time did we notice pumping or creating noise. Where the DBX is perfectly astonishing is used for purely creative, so its potential can be outstanding. At first it is also imperative handled with tweezers, as mistakes can be made. It should be noted that each key has its course sometimes bicolor LED signaling.


The careful design, combined with proper use of this feature can offer tremendous dynamic range control without sounding too “squashed” and lifelessly overprocessed. In this situation, I will typically reset the threshold. A short signal path is used for sidechain de-essing or ducking functions. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Here controls are conventional for a compressor. If you like big sounds at a very slow attack and snapping large transient time, it should under no circumstances activate this function, also called “Soft Knee” but remain “Hard Knee” stiff elbow to stay Gauls.

This compressor has been tweaked through its taken by a specialist, which led to a great and professional tool. As with any high-end device it will also be inserted into an audio system that will fit him, coherent knowledge and same range.

The second observation is its ability “to eat” decibel easily and without reproach. Log in Become a member. And especially with the “Peak Stop Plus” feature, as it can be sharp and quickly wearing so badly mastered.

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On the SL, very fast attack setting control set to maximum counter-clockwise will cause the compressor to act like a peak limiter even though RMS detection is used. This feature helps to soften the activation of the VCA to the trigger point, which resulted in making softer and more discreet compression. The amount of control available for both specific effects, like spanky drum and guitar sounds, and more classic applications such as vocal recording is unsurpassed by any other previous dbx compressor.