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Download Enciclopedia Plantelor Medicinale. Description. Download Enciclopedia Plantelor Medicinale Free in pdf format. Title, Mică enciclopedie de plante medicinale şi fitoterapie. Publisher, All, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Valoarea terapeutică a plantelor medicinale are la bază relația dintre structura chimică a substanțelor active, numite și.

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Mică enciclopedie de plante medicinale şi fitoterapie – Gheorghe Mohan – Google Books

Urzica — Urtica dioica L. Species Adonis vernalis L. Ecology Is spread on pastures and dry ennciclopedia, steep and sunny slopes in the forests. Flowers cm diam.

Trei frati patati — Viola tricolor L. Stemscm at anthesis cm at fruiting time.

Trei frati patati — Viola tricolor L. Ranunculaceae Species Adonis vernalis L. Fruit – egg-shaped capsule, mostly naked. Stems erect, simple, sometimes branched at the top. Centers, institutes, research labs of medicinal plants http: Traista ciobanului — Capsella bur pastoris L.

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[PDF] Enciclopedia Plantelor Medicinale – Free Download PDF

Scrophulariaceae Species Verbascum phoeniceum Taxonomy Kingdom: Vinarita — Asperula odorata L. Therapeutic actions Recommended for clinical trials as a cardiotonic, diuretic and laxative. Capsule mm long, shorter than the calyx, compressed, obcordate, bilobat, with rounded lobes, with acute or obtuse deep notch at the base of a slightly wedge-shaped, ciliate on the edge, zhelezistoopushennaya. Tei — Tilia cordata L. It is much less frequently encountered in the flora than the other two species of Adonis.

Centers, institutes, research labs of medicinal plants http: A number of medical products were produced from adonis in the past but they have now been replaced by modern synthetic medicines. Scrophulariaceae Species Veronica arvensis Taxonomy Kingdom: Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium. Common in the entire country. Infusion of the flowers is used as anti-inflammatory.

Plante medicinale

Volbura — Convolvulus arvensis L. Trei frati patati — Viola tricolor L. Tonic, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the activity of the heart, intestinal peristaltic increases diuresis. It is used in the treatment of scurvy, impurities of the blood etc.


Zmeur — Rubus idaeus L. Brush often multiflorous, apical, sometimes axillary brush, at first thick, and elongating in fruit and loose. Vetrice — Tanacetum vulgare L.

Tintaura — Centaurium umbellatum Gilib. Flora of Turkey and the east Aegean islands. Blooms in the early and mid-summer. Vasc — Viscum album L.

Tintaura — Centaurium umbellatum Gilib.