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kevin zapata eusse plan de tecnologia linea del tiempo Estanislao Zuleta ( Medellín, 3 de febrero de — Cali, 17 de febrero de ). A partir de ese momento incursionó en los campos de la literatura, historia, filosofía, teoría del arte, ciencias sociales; fue un estudioso del.

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This page was last estanisla on 18 Januaryat February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: The Estanislao Zuleta Foundation is the institution that keeps and promotes the legacy of the Colombian philosopher.

Estanislao Zuleta

His deep knowledge the material read was expressed in his articles, books and his memorable conferences given in many universities of the nation. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

In the University of Valle gave him the Honoris Causa for his research in psychology and in the day of the ceremony he read one of the most famous treaties in Colombia: Zuleta was not only a professor, but he dedicated his life to investigation in different areas of like social economy and education at the centers where he was working.


He dedicated especially to philosophy, Latin American economy, psychology and education.

Philosophy, psychologyMarxismsocial economyeducation, history, Latin America. He was known especially for his works on the universities being a professor for all his life. He let treaties on ancient and modern thinkers of a rich social and historical analysis over the Latin American zileta context.

Biografía de Estanislao Zuleta by Kevin Zapata Eusse on Prezi

Zuleta founded several newspapers and magazines, such as CrisisAgitacion and Estrategias Zuleta who was to be one of the most famous Colombian lecturers, abandoned the school when he was just a teenager to become an autodidact.

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His father died on June 24, in the same plane crash that killed the famous Tango composer and singer Carlos Gardel in biografis visit to the Colombian Andean city. This led to a serious and passionate study philosophy reading many of the classics of universal philosophy, literature, history, art and social science.


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He became biogdafia in both universities teaching law and philosophy. He remained at the University of Valle for the remainder of his life, and finally died in Cali on February 17, at the age of Zuleta was also known as a well-respected scholar of philosophy specializing in Greek philosophersHegelMarxHeideggerSartreand Freudamong others.

More important than his writings, Zuleta is remembered by his conferences that were carefully recorded by his colleagues and pupils and published several times during his life and after his death in Santiago de CaliValle del CaucaColombia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article does not cite any sources. In he went to Cali to work in Universidad Santiago de Caliwhere he became vice-rector. He was rewarded by the Honoris Causa in psychology of University of Valle in