• August 7, 2019

FLUTE TRILL FINGERING CHART. O = open. • = pressed down. Move the red key rapidly to produce the trill. Co. APO PROSOPST o oo olo To. Capo to. F#. Note the piccolos are often even fussier than flutes and the same fingerings that work on flute might not work on piccolo. Flute Trill Fingering Chart. Purchase. A trill should always be to the next note in the key signature, unless indicated by an accidental after the trill sign (ex..) Trill those keys indicated by red color.

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T G Eb Slur from E. T – 2 – Eb Fast slur from E.

Let’s make some examples: The trill works best with part of hole 1 covered. So try playing the piece first without the ornaments, and then going through slowly and adding in those extra notes. Every flute is different. Bb Eb.

It came in handy for our community band concert just last week. Related products Customers also bought Send to friend Customer reviews. Start and end the trill proper with the regular c” fingering or with fingers 2 and 3 up.

B 1 -3 Eb Flat. B Bb Eb. Both notes of the trill are sharp; fluet to keep the pitch flte. Altissimo Flute Fingering Chart Card. T 1 23 G Flat Bb; excellent C.


Trill with the little finger of the right hand on the C key. For a slow trill, this may fluhe better than the fingering above. Hodge Silk Flute Swab.

Flute Fingering Chart for Mobile –

The b” tends to be a little sharp. Qty 1 Add to cart. Awkward because of the two trilling fingers, but may be good for a slow trill. Searching the chart The chart below shows both the lower and the upper notes of a trill.

T 1 — C In tune. When more than one key is to be trilled, the keys should be simultaneously pressed and simultaneously released, unless the description says to alternate pressing and releasing the keys. B 1 -3 C Sharp. Flat B 6vent RH 2 as needed. Since trjll fingers on different hands are involved, it can be tricky.

LowBP for the b”. This second way of playing is sometimes explicitly requested by preceding the written note with the upper note as a small note an acciaccatura. The following chart includes special fingerings designed for rapid alternation between two notes at an interval of a minor second semitone or a major second whole tone apart. Lean down to the right and close the C cup key with the right knee.

Many of these fingerings can also be used as alternate fingerings for fflute fast passages. Keep breath pressure up.


Many of these fingerings can also be used as alternate fingerings for some fast dlute.

Teaching & Health :: Fingering Resources :: Altissimo Flute Trill Chart Card

T 1 2 3G Bb Trlll Flat interval. Bb Eb. It includes trills, tremolos and alternate fingerings, all well organized. Use a device such as a rubber band to close the C hole. Bb 1 2 – Eb Harmonic A 4 -Bb 4 ; flat. This is handy for both students and professional flute players alike.

Flute Trill Fingerings

As a rule of thumb, in modern music you should start on the written note, while in music written before the trill generally starts on the note above. The Woodwind Fingering Guide This is a user-compiled, online alternate fingering guide for all kinds of flutes. T 1 -3 Eb In-tune G. This is the most common trill, but it is narrow and does not sound so well when sustained. This may be found preferable to the above fingering in the case of a long trill.

Leak hole 1 if desired.