ITR 2 AY 2014-15 PDF

  • April 26, 2019

Here in your case since you have not filed return for AY return can be satisfaction of the tax officer, only then the person is allowed to file the ITR. (ii) Rs. 10, in case it is filed after December 31 of the relevant assessment year. Today we list down for you the changes which have been in the Income Tax Return forms ITR -2 for financial year (assessment year. Yogesh Ji till now, the IT Department not released the Excel utility. U can fill the form by Java utility, or wait for Dept. to release excel utility.

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Deepak-If your taxable income is less than the minimum prescribed limit, then you can file IT return wy get the refund of TDS. I downloaded the ITR4 form excel sheet from income tax india website. Lost money last year on shares. Which form to fill and how do I show my capital gains transactions during filing? I have a query. Presently I am filing ITR thanks. I will get possession in sep ….

Manish-In your case you have salary income as well as professional income. Where to enter the igr of interest on home loan in online filing of ITR.

Can I get benifit of interest of top up loan? Which heading professional fees from company be shown? I want to file IT return only against commission received. I dont have any firm ownership are so. We also started a partnership firm in Feband want to file presumptive income for that.


ITR-2 Excel Version Available for Download for AY 2014-15

I have claimed income tax benefit of both interest and principal. Towards expenses for travelling up to her school she has claimed This year My TDS deducted under section Mehtab-You need to use ITR4 only.

If you scared, then I suggest you to take the help of tax expert of your area. Suggest you to contact any tax expert of your area to process further.

Will ITR form change if I want to include rent from my house as income. My wife is an LIC agent and all her earning is from agents Commission. Instead the source of income matters. They took a right step in qy online filing and simplifying the returns filing. Can you please confirm if this is ok or do I need to claim this professional fees in some other Schedule of Form 4? So what should we do….? Mamta-Still I feel it creates problem.

Itr 2 and itr 3 for a y in excel format

He supplies refreshment to our office staff on contract basis and tax is deducted on that income. My wife does Tuitions at home with cash income. But I think as per income tax dept. If you did those as a trader then it will be considered as business loss otherwise capital loss. But at the same time, if your expenses are irrelevant or something exaggerated then you may get notice also.

ITR 1 is Salary Income that in know. Thanks for your reply. My question was if its ok that the professional fees paid which the firm has filled as TDS-2 is filled along with my hospital salary under Schedule S or does this professional fees need to be filled in separate schedule than the hospital salary?


ITR-2 Excel Version Available for Download for AY

Also there are no profits this year as it was th first year. Ihr am a PSU employee and I also do share market trading, mostly delivery based but also occasionally intra day.

What is this all about? But do i need to show my trading loss? Hello, I have taken a break from job after 10 yrs and left my job 1. Now I have following income: Debadrito-It will not be taxable.

Hi, I am a housewife. Please help me asap Regards Nidhin. Loan for this purpose taken by individual tir be from the Financial Institution or Housing Finance Company. Debadrito-It depends your income. What type of dividend it is?

Download ITR 1, ITR 2 AND ITR 4S FOR A.Y. 2014-15

Under which column I can get benifit? Hi, I am a pensioner. Where to ah in rebate information in ITR1 form. So the difference of current price of the stock and the price at which I purchased will be considered as salary.