• June 21, 2019

Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Apr 1, , Muthi’ Ikawati and others published Ekstrak Air Jamur Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum (Leysser) Karsten). Besides as a cause of tree disease, Ganoderma is also a medicine for human health. Ganoderma used as medicine is Ganoderma lucidum. This fungus. Jamur Ganoderma lucidum (dikenal juga dengan nama Ling Zhi di China, atau disebut sebagai Mannetake/Reishi di Jepang) telah dimanfaatkan secara luas.

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Chi Zhi Ganoderma rubra is bitter and balanced. Elsevier Science Publishers B. Views Read Edit View history. The University of Arizona. Aspects of Tropical Mycology. Fungus diseases of tropical ganderma. Penyakir-penyakit Tanaman Perkebunan di Indonesia. The genus was named by Karsten in A Cochrane database review found insufficient evidence to justify the use of G.

Antioxidant activity of Ganoderma lucidum: Several species of Ganoderma contain diverse phytochemicals with undefined properties in vivosuch as triterpenoids and polysaccharidesan area of investigation under basic research. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Victoria and Albert Museum ; This context describes the lingzhi fungus and ruyi scepter as Daoist symbols of longevity on a jade vase.


Lingzhi mushroom

This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it. University of California Press. Ganoderma lucidum produces a group of triterpenes called ganoderic acidswhich have a molecular structure similar to that of steroid hormones. Gorillas in the Mist. Renditions include “[zhi] possessed of soul power”, [24] “Herb of Spiritual Potency” or “Mushroom of Immortality”, [1] “Numinous Mushroom”, [22] “divine mushroom”, [25] “divine fungus”, [26] “Magic Fungus”, [14] and “Marvelous Fungus”.

Ganoderma can be differentiated from other polypores because they have a double-walled basidiospore. Lingzhi has several synonyms. Retrieved June 15, Its ancient forms, evolution, history and present aspect. The process is sometimes repeated to increase the concentration.

Ganoderma applanatum – Wikipedia

It is said to absorb the earthy vapors and to leave a heavenly atmosphere. Other lingzhi products include processed fungal mycelia namur spores. Chinese herbology Indian herbology Islamic herbology Japanese herbology Korean herbology. Archived from the original on 3 October Ganoderma lucidum Curtis P. Retrieved 3 March Email the author Login required. Revue mycologique, Toulouse in Latin.

The Trail of Time. Ganoderma used as medicine is Ganoderma lucidum.

It suggests that G. Its red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap gives it a distinct appearance. Lingzhi mushroom Scientific classification Kingdom: It is large and of a branched form, and probably represents Clavaria or Sparassis. Previously, this taxon was characterized as Boletus lucidus Curtis and then Polyporus lucidus Curtis Fr.


It can also grow as a pathogen of live sapwoodparticularly on older trees that are sufficiently ganodeema. Views Read Edit View history. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in German.

The Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam suffered rot from Ganoderma applanatum before it blew over in Phytochemistry 3 2 2: Although various Ganoderma species are used in folk medicine for supposed benefits and have been investigated for their potential effects in humans, there jamu no evidence from high-quality clinical research that Ganoderma phytochemicals have any effect in humans, such as in cancer research.

A peculiarity of this fungus lies in its use as a drawing medium for artists.

Cultural studies and genetics of sexuality of Ganoderma lucidum and G. Ganoderma lucidum Curtis P.