• April 30, 2019

Interview with Jan Kersschot for Natural Spirit: Starpeople Vol. 55 Q: What made you come back “Home”? JK: Coming Home to your true nature. The Daydream Unmasked Jan Kersschot. flower picture. Jan Kersschot. book cover. Purchase Jan’s latest book – This is It: The Nature of Oneness. Link to Jan’s . Jan Kersschot has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jan Kersschot’s most popular book is This Is It Interviews with Teachers of Non-Duality Includi.

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Welcome to the Discobar Bizar blog, feel free to push some of the other buttons, or to read the gripping story of Harry whilst you are here! Anyway, a teacher who addresses the reader on a personal level is compromising.

But the person can still appear? Several Advaita teachers claim to be speaking from the non-dual perspective, and yet the majority of these teachings still convey a dualistic message of getting better. How do you mean? And if the reader is attentive, he or she will notice that this book invites the reader to have a critical look at all teachings that are around these days — including those in my own book.

I would never say that I as a person have reached Home. If the seeker is an image, how can I who? And when I delved deeper into this, I started to realize how many false beliefs were still around. They drive a BMW and say it is a Mercedes. And the Light is not separate from me or you: In your book, you say it is all a daydream.


It reminds me of the story of the old Zen master sitting by the river, and one of his monks is standing on the other side of the river and wants to cross the river and talk with his master. Kan will still need to do a lot of practice to reach the same level. But I am here! I want to point to that which is the same in all religions, and which is also true for atheists. Yes, it is just an image appearing on the screen.

And all sorts of kerdschot can appear, nothing can be excluded. It is also not an object you can observe. Coming Home to your true nature is completely different from what the mind of the seeker believes It is, or hopes It is.

What is going on in these places? Endless variations appear within this Light. It is jna to see that some teachers say they only talk about Advaita and 5 minutes later they tell someone to still their minds or to be careful with egocentric thoughts. And he showed even devotion after his master died.

Interview with Jan Kersschot | doorzie

A lot of old beliefs and misunderstandings started to disappear. Low to High Price: And as this Beingness has no borders, it has no neighbors. It is easier for me to say what It is not. And I would even say now that I had to disappear first in order to give pure being the opportunity to show itself.

Teacher and Seeker – Jan Kersschot

There is nowhere to go. When a spiritual leader like the Dalai Lama gives a speech to the United Nations, it is jsn similar. I avoid religious and spiritual terminology as much as I can. If you go to India, you see it in many places. Door verder te gaan op deze website, ga je akkoord met het gebruik hiervan.


The mind of the seeker is to small to see the infinite — all it could do is make concepts about infinity. Voorlopig staat deze site nog in het teken van Kerstmis en Nieuwjaar According to nondualism, this is not the case. One could say that everything simply is. There are no specific requirements whatsoever. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Then the separation between master and follower is gone. Reflecties op menselijkheid, werk, alledaagse dingen.

Teacher and Seeker – Jan Kersschot | Advaita Vision

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Although less likely, images of pride, anger or fear can still appear. Laat gerust een reactie achter. But I like this game.

So, nothing can obscure Awareness. In spiritual circles, masters or gurus are likely to be labeled with kersschpt qualities. Forget about all the religious leaders with their restrictions and rules.

Interview with Jan Kersschot

That is again totally fine, it is just a distinction made by the mind. Who or rather what is the final witness? To do our best.