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Descriptions and articles about the African Carp, scientifically known as Labeo senegalensis in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive De. L. senegalensis Valenciennes, BMNH , 1 specimen, Comoé River, Côte d’Ivoire ; BMNH , 1 specimen, Pendjari River, Benin. Labeo senegalensis Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, Taxonomic Serial No.: (Download Help) Labeo senegalensis TSN

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Biological Journal of Linnean Society, 45 According to Gulland,Sumbuloglu and Sumbuloglu and King,length-weight relationship is an important factor in biological study and their stock assessments of fishes as it literarily describes the functional regime in weight distribution per unit size of sub-population. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 42, D Thesis University of Nigeria Nsukka pp.

Sex ratio observed in this study were same as expected ratio 1: Tropical journal of animal science, 5 The total and standard lengths of each fish species were measured in centimeters cm using a meter rule, while the weight were taken in grams g using an electronic weighing balance.

The biometric parameters measured in this study are shown in Table 1 ; total length of male and female Labeo coubie ranges from Some other aspect of the biology of the fish e.


Catalogue of Life : Labeo senegalensis Valenciennes,

Superclass Gnathostomata jawed vertebrates. Sumbuloglu, K, Sumbuloglu V. Labeo senegalensis African carp Facebook.

Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students. Chapman and Hall, New York.

Labeo senegalensis – Wikipedia

The data analysis was carried out using Minitab 14 software. Summary of the food items of Labeo coubie and Senefalensis senegalensi. Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research1 International Journal of Environmental Biology, 2 Journal of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences4 The ability of both species of fish investigated in this study to feed on a broad spectrum of feed as justified in this study and those of cited literature make them possible aquaculture candidate for domestication.

The component food items were identified using identification guide provided in the laboratory of the Department senegalenzis Fisheries and Aquaculture University of Agriculture Makurdi. Sampling time was between 6: Visit for more related articles at Journal of FisheriesSciences.

African Journal of Biotechnology6— Can’t read the image? Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts. Shahririar Nazrul et al.

The Animal Diversity Web online. Adeyemi further opined that length-weight relationships can be used to assess growth fluctuations due to changes in food composition, environmental variables, and spawning conditions among other factor. The standard length recorded in all the fish sampled ranges from The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their semegalensis.


Collected samples were fixed in ice chest and moved to the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture University of Agriculture Makurdi for data collection of biometric, sexing and observation of the stomach content. Animal Research International7They are highly valued fish food in African countries and usually known for their sweet tastes and rich source of protein Rahman,Ayotunde et al.

Journal of Animal Ecology20, Class Actinopterygii ray-finned fishes. The fishes of the various species were separated into male and female using specific features that were peculiar to the different sexes.

Human uses

Studies on fish biology are indispensible aspect of sustainable management and conservation of fish biodiversity Solomon et al. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 55 Family Cyprinidae Minnows or carps.

Knowledge of length-weight relationship has numerous practical applications in fisheries biology Benedito-Cecilio et al. Journal of Animal Ecology1936—