• April 26, 2019

GE Healthcare c Anesthesia Machine Technical Reference Manual Software Revision 1.x Approved −12−9 EET Junmin Ji (Rick) M c Product Data Sheet – GE Healthcare c Familiar, reliable, GE – with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? 53 cm/21 in Depth: 40 cm/16 in Side of machine: cm/45 in Height: The c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. The c is designed and manufactured in.

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Anesthesia Delivery

Attach the negative low-pressure leak-test device to the common gas outlet using the test adapter Section 3. Manufacturer name and address Date of manufacture Indicates that the waste of electrical and GOST R Russian certification electronic equipment must not be disposed as unsorted municipal waste and must be collected separately. Consult separate documentation relative to these items for details.

Mechanical overpressure relief Detach the EZchange module from the machine. Use the Service Mode tests to isolate the fault. Complete steps 5 through 7 for each vaporizer and vaporizer position. Examine the flapper and disk Cap for obstructions machinr debris. Loosen the two outside sewers and disconnect the wires from the system switch. Enter the Service Mode. View Contact Call Seller Now.

Turn any other gases off. Electrical safety tests Section 3. Using a 13mm open ended wrench, remove the vaporizer pressure relief valve by turning counterclockwise.


Remove your hand or the test plug from the patient connection.

Transfer the following item to the replacement anesthesiz or install new as required. Middle Close the canister release to remove CO2 from exhaled gas. Remove the four mounting screws from the manifold. In addition to the power supply, signals between the DMB and CSB are sent through one cable that passes through the back of the machine and connects to the rear of the display module.

c Product Data Sheet_百度文库

Make sure the caster turns freely. Attach a gauge to the O2 primary regulator test port. Verify that the output of the tested regulator is within the range listed in the chart. Remove all air from the bulb. Free breathing check valve Back out the selector switch mounting screws until the tips are flush with the face of the mounting casting. Before you do the tests in this section: Turn the chrome collar to its maximum counterclockwise position as viewed from the front.

Lower the display face down on the work surface.

During exhalation, anestheeia gas andsthesia backwards through the EZchange and absorber into the expiratory limb, downstream of the expiratory check valve. While machinee the switch assembly, push in the knob and turn it counterclockwise. If the USB disk is removed during the upgrade, that may result in the failure of the display monitor board. Our broad expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, performance improvement and performance solutions services help our customers to deliver better care to more people around the world at a lower cost.


Turn off all vaporizers. The accuracy of this technology combined with the non-decoupled fresh gas compensation system ensures that you always deliver the tidal volume you have set. Remarks The Calibration Coefficient is marked on the calibration orifice. Pop-off Valve The pop-off valve limits the pressure inside the bellows to 2. Pull the tail C of the new free breathing valve flapper through the center of the valve sear until it locks in place.

Multipurpose Anaesthesia Machine- 9100C

Set the APL valve to minimum. Attach a patient circuit and plug the patient port. Remove the plug from the patient circuit to relieve the pressure in the circuit and recheck the zero setting of the pressure gauge.

Open the O2 flow control and set a total flow of 0. Technical Competence The procedures described in this Technical Reference Manual should be performed by trained and authorized personnel only.

Test the function of the flush pressure switch. The flow may be temporarily increased to facilitate the decay. Also inspect the two o-rings that seal it to the manifold.