• April 25, 2019

AIA Document E™–, Sustainable Projects Exhibit, into this Agreement to define the terms, conditions and services related to the. The American Institute of Architects (AIA), on April 27, issued the update to the AIA B™ “Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner. AIA Document B–, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner . In , the AIA released its flagship owner-architect agreement B– as a.

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The most relevant of these revisions include the following:.

Following the quoted text, we provide comments on that provision. This removes the affirmative obligation the Architect had to raise and discuss environmentally responsible design approaches with the Owner. First, they save a great deal of time and effort by eliminating searches for revisions line-by-line, word-for-word. However, if the owner will engage a consultant to provide cost estimating and scheduling services during design, and procurement will be through bidding or negotiation, B provides terms that are more precisely tailored to this circumstance.

B Bthe Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Complex Project, is similar aiia B; for example, the basic services of B are performed in the same five phases as those described in the B The latter are not included in Basic Services, but the parties at time of contracting recognize that Supplemental Services will be required for the project.

Bthe Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition, is similar to B, except that it specifically assumes that the owner will retain a construction manager to provide cost estimating, project scheduling, and other services during design.

Second, the editing conventions promote open communication and trust. One reason given for including this information directly contractt the agreement, instead of what was previously an exhibit, is that it will be front and center and will result in more individuals actually reading the information and becoming knowledgeable about the content. But even before this addition, Architects were routinely providing this service anyway.


AIA B™ – Owner-Architect Agreement, What Has Changed Since ? | JCJ Insurance

The services are divided into basic, supplemental, and additional. B provides an optional choice where the owner has engaged a construction manager for pre-construction and construction phase services but still intends to bid or negotiate the construction contract after design.

The architect is now responsible to prepare a site evaluation and feasibility report as a deliverable. Services that were deemed Additional Services in the edition are now broken into two distinct categories: It is advisable that the Architect use this same type of language for other types of certifications as well.

To make it easier to follow the changes we quote the contract language, put a strike-out line through wording that has been deleted from the Agreement, and underline wording that has been added. The section is sufficiently descriptive that once the blanks are filled in with the desired coverage amounts, it might be deemed adequate by some firms without further addition of an insurance attachment.

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The AIA also amended contractual termination provisions. This new provision creates an objectively determined date for termination of the Agreement — being one year after Substantial Completion. The final sentence added to this paragraph requires that the Owner have no direct communications with subconsultants but instead always communicates through the Architect.

Note that this same requirement to update the estimate for the Cost of Work prepared in accordance with Section 6. Additional Services and Supplemental Services. This change cures that problem.


In addition to making the paragraph clunky, this could draw more attention to the benefit that the Architect had already been receiving under the existing contract language. Choosing the right owner-architect agreement is critical to any commercial design project.

AIA B101™ – 2017 Owner-Architect Agreement, What Has Changed Since 2007?

They are widely accepted and used in the construction industry, signifying a consensus of individuals and groups who represent the interests of architects, owners, and contractors. B Historic Preservation Services: The AIA made two document releases: Bthe Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for a Complex Project, is similar to B; for example, the basic services of B are performed in the same five phases as those described in the B The seven-day advance notice requirement, however, is a reasonable compromise that will enable the client to consider what options it may have to legally object to the disclosure.

However, B differs from B in a couple of ways. As courts have tested the agreements over time, users conttract rely confidently on the meaning and interpretation of the contract terms. This new compensation provision clarifies that, when overall compensation is on cojtract percentage basis, progress payment calculations will be based on the current budget for the Cost of the Work.

Reorganized to include a separate line item identifying the date of substantial completion; the warranties provision now clarifies that warranties commence on the date of substantial completion.