• June 30, 2019

Preferred Scientific Name; Aphis pomi. Preferred Common Name; apple aphid. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Metazoa. back to HYPP Zoology home page. Aphis pomi de Geer Aphis mali F., Aphidula pomi, Doralis pomi. Insecta, Homoptera, Aphididae. On apple and other fruit trees, A. pomi causes loose or slight curling of leaves. Aphids colonize young growth and are generally restricted to the tips of young.

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apple aphid (Aphis pomi)

The aphid occasionally feeds on immature apples, which then become malformed. Title Adult Caption Slide preparation of adult; cauda, under microscope, with more than 14 hairs.

Sexual forms occur in autumn and after mating the aphos lay sometimes large egg masses on the twigs. Mededlingen Landbouwhogeschool Gent, Groene Appelbladluis; Groene Appeltakluis Norway: A test of morphological hypotheses for tribal and subtribal relationships of Aphidinae Insecta: De Geer Size Apterae 1. A Colour Handbook, Second Edition. Aphididae population development, shoot characteristics, and antibiosis resistance in different apple genotypes.


It causes most damage in apple orchards in the spring, when the flower buds are opening.

De Groene appeltakluis, Aphis pomi Geer, en haar parasietencomplex. Aphids on world plants. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

In one year with relatively high aphid densities a single peak in aphid and predator density was seen in mid-July, just prior to maximum predation rate.

European Journal of Entomology, 2: Annals of the Entomological Society of Quebec, 27 3: Aphididae using DNA sequences.

The length of ultimate rostral segment appeared to be the most reliable morphological character for discrimination between apple and spirea aphid species. Spread of zucchini yellow mosaic potyvirus in squash in Hungary. Morphology and biology of the green apple aphis.

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Aphis pomi

Phylogenetic relationships in the “grossulariae” species group of the genus Aphis Hemiptera: Israel Ministry of Agriculture, Extension Service. Other species living with Aphis pomi include the rosy apple aphid Dysaphis plantaginea aphie, the apple-grass aphid Rhopalosiphum oxyacanthae and the woolly apple aphid Eriosoma lanigerum. This has a wide range of host plants and a faster rate of reproduction than A.


Chrysopidae for control of the green apple aphid, Aphis pomi Degeer Homoptera: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aphids of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Damage and control Leaves carrying colonies may roll and curl, but will not discolor. Kratkie tezisy dokladov k predstoyashchei nauchnoi konferentsii: Palmer, ; CIE, Effect of Aphis pomi Homoptera: Aphididae ecosystem, with respect to nitrogen fertilization. Pale-green tubercles may arise on the young fruit.