• April 25, 2019

RLi wiring guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RLi AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. Cut. Autowatch RLi Alarm System. Autowatch RLi The RLi is the benchmark ABS level 4 alarm/immobiliser with anti hijack in South Africa. Standard. AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . NOTE B: IF YOU ARE UPGRADING A RLi OR RLi PRODUCT TO. THE.

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June 25, at 1: Hi I just bought a used car autwoatch comes with auto watch Return to main Website. Is this an installation fault? The simple fact that the Autowatch meets with Thatcham standards should be a good indication of its effectiveness. Changing the setting on these alarms should only be done by a qualified Autowatch dealer. Do you know your emergency PIN over-ride number? Boot Pop is really for cars with an electronic boot release where the boot does not unlock with the doors. This leads me to wander how good the connections are?

Hi Was wondering if you can help… We have a Autpwatch Wingroad with an old alarm sutowatch appears to be an Autowatch with a peanut button fob we only have one.

March 27, at 9: Why did the alarm go off? I think the car has been immobilized. If I turn ON the ignition, I need to press a hidden separate button to disable the immobilizer otherwise the car will turn itself off if that hidden button is not pressed after three warning beeps after turning the engine ON.


I am seeking online if autowatcn is a soft copy of the alarm. What makes you think it is the alarm that is preventing the car from starting?

January 12, at 9: Have you tried pressing the disarm button to turn off the immobiliser? The built-in Turbo timer works well and gives the user the option of turning it off with the remote.

Hi Natalie, It would probably help if you sent a 446rl as your description is not ringing any bells. As you have stated in vehicles with this type of set-up it may be necessary to add a confirmation code such as a hazard pulse etc.

I have a Volkswagen Polo Playa 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Autowatch will not allow wiring diagrams to be made available to the public. To make my point clear here, the Mongoose M80 is twice the size and even the thought of trying to hide it effectively causes me to break out in a autowaatch sweat!

Autowatch Alarm 446RLi Alarm and Siren Only

Then deci ded to remove the the alarm system. March 11, at 9: The top of the line Autowatch RLi Immobiliser Alarm offers remote control 446rrli, digital battery backup siren and a glass break sensor for total peace of mind vehicle security Features: Also I tried to turn ion the auto arming option because i need to lock the doors automatically whenever i have taken out the key.


Athol in CC works for our Australian subsidiary and heads up autodatch CANBus reverse engineering and verification of vehicles for your side of the auyowatch. March 27, at 8: Factory Alarms vs Aftermarket. Surely if someone forces the lock with a screw driver or breaks a window and lifts the lock plunger the alarm will disarm also?

Autowatch Dealers

Hi Vikta, The RLi will auto immobilise the engine after 45 seconds of disarming or switching the ignition off.

October 29, at 6: Never heard of any of them! The RLi also has an attack proof security housing that safely protects the immobiliser connections. Any idea as to why the vehicle just cuts off.

Hi Phil, Autowatch alarm wiring information is not wutowatch for public distribution. I have an Autowatch Rli alarm system, will this cause the car to do 446roi July 17, at 8: Please feel welcome to comment, however if you have an enquiry then please use the contact form. Full Listing of Reviewed Alarms and Immobilisers.

Battery Back Up Sirens.