• April 25, 2019

Contents: I. Introduction to Macroeconomics 1. Realm of Macroeconomics 2. Circular flow. II. . D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbusch, Ekonomia, tom II, PWE, CESifo orum 2/ June) 30 Special Brexit: Why, What Next aNd hoW? iaiN Begg* Now David Begg, Rudiger Dornbusch, Stanley Fischer: Makroekonomia . 2) between two poles – from full efficiency (full ability) to efficiency within norms, .. ; D. Begg, S. Fischer, R. Dornbush, Ekonomia, tom 2, PWE, Warszawa.

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A problem of financial policy co-ordination. Notions connected with infrastructure. Differential one-basic and catenary dynamics measures the absolute difference, relative difference and their properties. Legal regulations in housing economy.

Chemical reactions in kinetic and thermo-dynamical aspects. Classification of econometric models. Kinds of financial instruments. The principle of acceleration. A conception 4 P and 4 C. Macroeconomic equilibrium and ways of its achieving. International trade and net export 2.

Macroeconomics – University of Łódź

Figures of linear decisive tasks standard, canonical and base. Methodical bases of demand water and sewage outflow balances. The independence test of chi – square. National income as indicator of welfare and economic development 6. Basic bibliography [1] E. State Intervention in Labour Market 5. This course is related to the following study programmes:. Factors of division of governmental expenses political preferences of the government, inherited structure of income and expenses, demographic factors, economic conditions.


Transmission channels of monetary effects to the economy. Modern methods of neutralizing solid wastes. Theoretical bases of determining decisions in conditions of certainty, uncertainty and risk. The standard and average deviation – the properties, ways of settlement. At the end the Cobb-Douglas production function is introduced.

Mercantilism — a doctrine of an epoch of capital primitive accumulation. Influence of economy sectors and forms of implementation on natural environment. The notion of the random variable and classification of variables.

Statistics – basic notions. Short-term and long-term theories of production. Introducing the system of environmental management ISO Central bank monetary policy IV.

The functions of the state budget in the economy. Dispersion arrangements — non-ideal solutions, colloidal solutions, reactions in solutions.

Macroeconomics I – University of Warsaw

Prognosis of population development in Poland and the world. The use of economic geography in the process of spatial and economic planning. Interventionism of local councils. Public Administration on intramural and extramural studies. Tax Policy and Goverments Expediture 3.



Shaping a financial system in mercantilism. Economic conceptions of a psychological school. The profile of a process of social-economic system transformation in Poland and tischer public sector. Main areas of occurrence and use of natural resources. The status of a physical person. Keynesian model of the economy functioning – assumptions. Didactic aim of the subject: Aims and conditions of economic policy of the state, a general division of instruments.

The international market and its structure, a type of horizontal and vertical bonds.

Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classes fizcher, might be available in the USOSweb system: Integral problems used in economic sciences. Advantages and costs of introduction of common currency for industry and consumers. Housing economy — a notional range. The didactic purpose of the subject: Preparation of a business – plan.