• April 25, 2019

M iss T AH E R S H AB B IR H U S S AIN of class XII – B ______ in the _ CH E Chemistry Project on STUDY OF ADULTERANTS IN FOOD I. CHEMISTRY PROJECT Submitted For Exam AISSCE TOPIC OF THE PROJECT FOOD ADULTERATION Department Of Chemistry. (chemistry project- ‘to study adulterants on food’). Date of Submission: (i). NAME- AZIZUR RAHMAN. CLASS- `12th ‘B’. ROLL No- Admn. No-.

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Ice cream is manufactured in extremely cold chamber aduletration fat is hardened and several harmful substances are added. Papaya seeds used to add bulk that the consumption of these could cause epidemic dropsy and severe glaucoma.

Adultefation chillies, green peas and other vegetables: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Brick pow der set t les at t he bottom while pure chilli pow der floats over water.

for my dear juniors. enjoy.: c.b.s.e class 12th project work on chemistry free download

A more specifc type of fraud is the fraudulent addition of non-authentic substances or removal or replacement of authentic substances without the purchaser’s knowledge for economic gain of the seller. HCl shook this mixture in a test tube. The situation is indicative of a deeper malaise in the Indian food regulatory regime. It’s harmful ccbse is that it can cause diarrhea, stomach disorders, giddiness and severe joint pains. Several agencies have been set up by the Government of India to remove adulterants from food st uffs.

Chicory is used as an adulterant for cofee. Projecct adulterant is starch used to give it thick, rich texture. It’s harmful efect is that it is unhygienic, unprocessed water and starch can cause stomach disorders. However, water on the outside of beverage cans or bottles might also be contaminated. For preventing it our government has made some certain commissions and laws.


It gives more positive test, hence is more adulterated. The adulterated gluten was found to have come from China, projeft U. Any jellies, which are coloured so as to simulate fner ones. Chalk-powder is used as an adulterant for four.

InConAgra Foods pled guilty to federal criminal charges vhemistry one of its units illegally sprayed water on stored grain to increase its weight andvalue. Therefore, due care t aken by t he consumer at the t ime of purchase of food after t horoughly examining can be of great help. Of course Chinese may be providing close competition by using the deadly Melamine to increase protein values in milk for economic gains!

Brisk effervescence of CO2 shows t he presence of chalk powder or washing soda in the given sample of sugar. Then we had reports of fruits, particularly mangoes, being ripened with calcium carbide and now, there are reports of fsh being made to appear fresh with formalin.

Click here to sign up. Consumption of cut fruits being sold in unhygienic conditions should be avoided. Some of them have even been classifed as carcinogens or cancercausing substances. Besides almost all commodities that do not undergo any signifcant are not available in the branded format from reputed industry players. Consumption of adulterated food causes serious diseases like cancer, diarrhoea, ast hma, ulcers, etc.

Adult erat ion of brick Add small projecr ount of given Brick pow der set t les pow der in chilli red chilli pow der in a beaker at t he bot t om w hile pow der cont adultration w at er.


Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Experiment 1 10 V. H2SO4 and 4mL of acet ic acid.

HCl and observed the result. Wood powder is adulterated for turmeric and dhaniya powder. Three samples are taken and the signature of the seller is afxed to them. Tittled the slide and observed the result. Agremone oil in edible oil: Adeult erat ion of To sample cgse t urmeric Appearance of yellow lead salt s t o pow der, add conc.

Here adulterant is Malachite Green To accentuate the bright, glowing green colour of the vegetable. Class 12 Computer Documents. Some preservatives have been conclusively shown to be injurious when used for long period.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

H2SO4acet ic acid, conc. The answer is that the deliberate contamination of food material with low quality, cheap and non-edible or toxic substances is called food adulteration.

It’s harmful efect is that Papaya seeds can cause serious liver problems and stomach disorders. It gives negative test, hence is not adulterated. It gives more negative test, hence is not adulterated. Such t ypes of adulteration are quite common in developing countries or backward count ries. Help Center Find new research papers in: Procedure for detection the Adulteration in the food Items Adulteration in the food material can be detected in the following ways.