• April 25, 2019

DOC file extension refers to a word processing document format. This binary file format is proprietary of Microsoft and is native to Microsoft’s most popular word. How to open Microsoft Word DOCX and DOC files for free with File Viewer Lite. DOC is a document file format used by Microsoft Word, also used with most word processing software, including OpenOffice. DOC stands for DOCument file.

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Save documents as .doc files by default

DOC files were saved in the same format up until Word 97 when another version of the binary format was introduced and used by Microsoft Word 97 to DOC files use a proprietary binary format and are used by Microsoft Word and earlier.

Command line programs for Unix-like operating systems that can ifle files from the DOC format to plain text or other standard formats include the wv library, which itself is used directly by AbiWord.

The DOC filename extension was also used in historical versions of WordPerfect for its proprietary format. Some historical documentations may use the DOC filename extension for plain-text file format.

Need to Open a DOC File?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It may contain formatted text, images, tables, graphs, charts, page formatting, and print settings. DOC File Extension 2 file types use the. In the rare case that a file format is not supported by File Viewer Lite, the program still displays useful information about the file type from FileInfo. All file types, file format descriptions, and software programs listed on this page have been individually researched and verified by the FileInfo team.


When you create a document in Word you can choose to save it in the DOC file format. The format of this file type has not been determined. These views display the contents of the document, which can provide useful information. Views Read Edit View history.

PDF to DOC – Convert PDF to Word Online

It also includes media playback controls for audio and video files. Windows File Viewer Lite combines dsocj functionality of several programs into one simple utility.

Word Document Filename extension. View all the features File Viewer Lite has to offer, or you can download the program for free and try it for yourself!

File Viewer Lite will open the file and display the document in its native format as if you were viewing the document with Microsoft Word. Multi-purpose office document file formats.

The program then creates a DOC file to store the contents fdocj the document, which can be closed and opened again for further editing. Computer file formats Microsoft Office. Comparison of word processors.

DOCX file opener that allows you to view Word documents including.

DOC File Extension – What is a .doc file and how do I open it?

Word is the most popular word processing application in the world. Some specifications for Microsoft Office 97 binary file formats were published in under a restrictive license, but these specifications were removed from online download in When you are done editing your DOC file you can print it or save it as another file such as. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat These uses for the extension have largely disappeared from the PC world.


Because the DOC file format was a closed specification for many years, inconsistent handling of the format persists and may cause some loss of formatting information when handling the same file with multiple word processing programs.

Binary DOC files often contain more text formatting information as well as scripts and undo information than some other document file formats like Rich Text Format and Hypertext Markup Languagebut are usually less widely compatible.

You can also view unsupported proprietary document formats in Text View or Hex View. Fild computingDOC or doc an abbreviation of ” document ” is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format. Some software applications use the name DOC in combination with other words such as the name of software manufacturer for different file formats.

Binary X Binary This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents. If you would like to suggest any additions or updates to this page, please let us know. Retrieved from ” https: