• April 25, 2019

Microsoft Forefront TMG · Microsoft Outlook on the Enterprise Vault server . Symantec Cluster File System. or later service pack See Dell EMC Isilon share configuration for Enterprise Vault. Requires specific device. ISILON CIFS share for EV Symantec Enterprise Vault you attempted to configure the vault store partition (as a Network Share) did. /technical-documentation/ Shall we add the CIFS Server from EMC ISILON as file server target and Currently the Isilon is only supported as a Storage target for Vaultstore Partitions. Targeting it as a share for FSA archiving / retrieval purposes will need to.

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Enter the directory name it does not have to match the SMB path name in the following stepsleave the defaults selected for now enterpriee click Submit. Required for scanning enc shares from the Isilon cluster. Set default language Do you wish to save this as your future site? Credentials required during filer configuration through the Data Insight Management Console.

Actually system and VSA accounts have full rights. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

EMC Isilon Share Configuration for Symantec Enterprise Vault

When you attempted to configure the vault store partition as a Network Share did you accept the default setting “Create Vault Store Partition with security ACL’s” or did you uncheck this? For more details, see http: In this case you will only need privileges to mount the share and scan the file system hierarchy. Try to set the permission manually: Additionally, the folder within the share must have the following file system ACLs: Because it’s configurattion for “single instances” between storages.


It sets the permissions on. At least a couldn’t find it. Solved Go to solution. Create SmartLock Directory without Infinite Retention If content will be retained for an infinite period of time in EV, the screenshot in Figure 2 shows the command and output cohfiguration creating a SmartLock directory.

Regarding the warnings shown, the default retention period and autocommit time period is not needed since EV will set and commit files to a WORM state. To create a standard directory, start at entrprise 5. The screenshot in Figure 9 shows the share was created successfully.

Following is logged on EV.

Solved: EV FSA Archive Documents from EMC ISILON sc – VOX

I have been told this feature is for “sharing” purposes. To create a standard directory, instead of a SmartLock directory, select the Add Directory button highlighted with a blue box at the top of the right explorer pane. You must have the share-level READ permission. Required to discover shares for the Isilon cluster.

The credential should belong to the user in the domain of which the Data Insight Collector node and the Isilon cluster are part. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. You may need to upgrade your Symantec Enterprise Vault to an Isilon supported version listed above.

You will want to make sure that the EV service account has full NTFS permissions and that these permissions are inherited for all subfolders as shown in Figure Hmm so the first error you are getting 0xC is “An Internal Windows Error Occured” You’re going to have to call for support on this one, it might even be determined that the device is not supported, but the smantec error codes and whats going on needs someone from symc to look at https: From Windows point w r2 we can create and set any type of permission on the avult.

  ISO 22899-1 PDF

Dtrace does not create any log file for Archive creation.

Failed to set security permissions. The service runs on the Data Insight Collector node. If a standard directory is used, this option ieilon be cleared.

Honestly wouldn’t bother doing anything other than contacting support, however they will ask you to DTrace MMC and StorageManagement, but still be prepared for the fact they may not be able to help based on the compatibility charts https: To create a SmartLock directory continue below, skipping figures 5 and 6. What could be the problem.

EMC Isilon Share Configuration for Symantec Enterprise Vault

It can’t set ACL for share level then it fails. Use, copying, and distribution of any EMC software described in this publication requires an applicable software license. Oh and i saw configurtaion you posted. The screen shot in Figure 12 shows nine vault partition directories created at the root of the EV share.

Support Documentation Veritas Data Insight 6.

This is a continuation of the SSH connection established above. If the minimum and maximum retention periods are configured, they will override EV if files are committed to a WORM state outside of the defined range. Actually system and VSA.