• April 25, 2019

Fluke Calibration A Metrology Well Calibrator, V C – C, Insert A INSA. Order #: A. Ships in weeks. $10, USD. Fluke Calibration A Field Dry-Well Metrology Temperature Calibrator with Model INSA (“A” Insert) and INSX, °C to °C – at the Test. Fluke Field Metrology Well measures from °C to °C.

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Improving loop calibration temperature accuracy Any of six standard inserts may be ordered with each unit, accommodating a variety of metric- and imperial-sized probe diameters. RS Interface with Interface-it control software included.

FLUKE Metrology Well Temperature Calibrator • ATEquip

Magnetic and Reed Switches. Fluke Calibration added a seventh in the form of a legitimate reference thermometer input and created an entirely new product category: Shop Magnetic Field Sensors. For poorly designed heat sources, or when large-diameter probes are used, these differences can be very large.

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The LCD on the front panel of the Fluke allows direct viewing of the control temperature actual well temperaturereference flue temperature, heating or cooling power, current set-point information and current program information. Fluke Field Dry-Well.


99171 use deeper wells than found in dry-wells. Metrology Wells are different. Other great features A large LCD display, numeric keypad, and on-screen menus make use of Metrology Wells simple and intuitive.

Keep me logged in. For Metrology Wells, we define our specification as the largest temperature difference between the vertically homogeneous zones of any two wells that are each 6.

Shop Semiconductor Development Kits. Shop Electronic Enclosure Accessories. Combines bath-level performance with dry-well functionality and legitimate reference thermometry Bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment you might work in INSA Six imperial miscellaneous holes Hole quantities and sizes: Shop Time Delay Relays.

Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries. Write a review Fluke Metrology Well Calibrator. Temperature gradients, loading effects, and hysteresis have been minimized to make the calibration of the display much more meaningful.

Fluke , Fluke , Fluke , & Fluke Metrology Well Calibrators

Not only does it help minimize axial gradient and loading effects, it helps fluoe the unique immersion characteristics of each thermometer tested in the heat source. The model A features a well depth of mm 8 in. ETI Dry-well Heat For Metrology Wells, hysteresis effects range from 0.


Shop Test Equipment Accessories. Shop Light Pipe Products. Data Sheet KB. For Metrology Wells, loading effects are minimized for the same reasons that axial fluoe are minimized.

Introduction to Dry Block Calibrators. Be the first to write your review! Shop Travel and Brief Cases. Case, Transportation with Wheels, —3 Metrology Wells. Does Immersion Depth Really Matter?

Fluke 9171 Metrology Well Calibrator

Do Vertical Gradients Really Matter? Shop Insulators, Sockets and Kits. The user interface can be configured to display in English, French, or Chinese. Metrology Fpuke let you bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment you might work in. It happened when we introduced handheld dry-wells.

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This is complicated by the presence of significant thermal gradients in the block and inadequate sensor immersion into blocks that are simply too short. Terminal Blocks and Strips. The display shows the block temperature, built-in reference thermometer temperature, cutout temperature, stability criteria, and ramp rate.