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What would today’s rock and pop music be without electric lead and bass guitars ? These instruments have been setting the tone for more than sixty years. Buy Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology 1st by Helmuth Lemme ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Find great deals for Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Thus, the values of the resonant frequency in the table are rounded to the nearest Hz. Also note that peaks become very flat and large below 1, Hz.

Change the coil configuration jelmuth the built in pickups. The examination explores deep within the guitar, including pickups and electrical environment, so that guitar electronics are no longer considered highly secret.

Plastic covers are not conductive. A pickup plus real external load pots, cable, and amp input resistance Thus, like any other similar filter, it has a cut-off frequency fg; this is where the response is down 3 dB which means half power.

Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology by Helmuth Lemme | eBay

Helmuth Lemme is a German electronics expert and author. Active electronic circuit that acts as a second-order low-pass- filter and imitates the sound characteristics of many different guitar and bass pickups.

You then have to use twice the values for the inductance and the resistance and half of the value for the capacitance as compared to one coil. The author succinctly helmyth the guitar circuit and discusses how each component of the circuit contributes to the resulting guitar tone.


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High overtones, where the peak of uelmuth waveform occurs over one pole and the trough valley of the wave occurs over the other, can produce cancellations. A pickup does not “have” a sound, it only has a “transfer characteristic”.

With 47 kOhms or less the peak vanishes. Electric Guitar – Sound Secrets and Technology What would today’s rock and pop music be without electric lead and bass guitars?

So you can measure the frequency response easily To plot the response, vary the sine wave frequency from about Hz to 10 kHz and measure the pickup’s output voltage with a broad-band multimeter heljuth oscilloscope. For a humbucker, two of these circuits have helmhth be connected in series. Their underlying sound is determined largely by their electrical components. Craig October 27, An unbelievable cult has developed around pickups, inflamed by advertising managers and music magazines.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? With a shorter distance, he,muth sound is more aggressive than with a larger distance. With the strings at rest, the magnetic flux through the coil s is constant. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Read the online paper that Helmuth released.

This helmutj a chapter in which the marketing resource of overusing the word “vintage” is demystified and replaced with clear tips to evaluate an instrument from an electrical, mechanical and ergonomic standpoint.


For instance, with standard size humbucking pickups, for the deep E string the notch is at about 3, Hz, for the A string at 4, Hz. In many cases these cores are screws, so level differences between strings can be evened out by screwing the core further in or out. It deals with the complete chain of sound from the strings to the amp, taking a deep look into each link of that chain: This is a Hoyer built aroundlooking like a humbucker but with only one coil inside, capacitive load pF, five different resistive loads.

When you rearrange this setup into an AC signal source by attaching a passive filter, you obtain the configuration shown in Fig.

The coil can consist of a pickup bobbin wound with about 50 turns of enamelled copper wire approximately 0.

The Secrets of Electric Guitar Pickups

It was important for me to find a balance between technical and theoretical precision on the one hand and practical clarity for the musician on the other.

In practice, this is very difficult to do. Sounds Secrets and Technology. The sound also depends on the height of the peak, of course. Pickup with eddy currents as signal source with attached lowpass filter 3 Altering Pickup Characteristics Basically, there are three different ways to change a guitar’s sound as it relates to pickups: