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Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani was a medieval Persian Muslim scholar. Born in Buwayhid era Isfahan, he travelled widely, visiting Nishapur, Basra, Kufa, Baghdad, Mecca and Andalusia. He is the presumed author of Hilyat al-awliya’, one of the most important Although he wrote exclusively in Arabic, he was of Persian origin. Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download by Nechdee, released 11 October Hilyatul Awliya Urdu Pdf Download >>> Kitnay.

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In conclusion, I pray to Almighty Hilytaul to forgive me and to forgive all of you. Only the third, and even that is too much. If you encounter them, lower your wings to them, and speak humbly to them. And every comfort will unfailingly perish. Surely the world is set and ready for departure, and most certainly the hereafter is set and ready to come.

Abu Nu`aym

A betrayal on the part of the host ri e of Najd ended in a battle near the well of Ma’unah. He is grateful for it, and he shares its blessings with others. On the other hand, only a most intelligent person will follow in their footsteps, and only a yearning soul for its Lord seeks their company. Mus’ab bin ‘Umair God be pleased with him, memorized the entire holy Qur’an by heart, and he was sent by God’s messenger St to teach it to the Muslim partisans ansar in Madina prior to God’s messenger St migrating to it.

It is not because you are not worthy of it, rather it is because I have dressed you with your share of honor and exaltedness besides which the world becomes insignificant. They neither seek enlightenment through knowledge, nor do they take refuge in a safe recess during a storm.

Like that, knowledge dies away when its carrier dies. They are the party of Allah. I protect My deputies in this world just like a shepherd drives his flock away from dangerous fields.


These dear companions of God’s messengerupon whom be peace, were guarded against languor and procrastination, their ultimate prize was outlined to them during their lifetime, and none of them was ever victim to weariness or listlessness. O God’s servants, you must know that whatever you do is destined for a purpose that is sometimes hidden from your immediate perception.

If they comply, then apprise them that Allah has decreed a tithe that will be awlia from their rich and turned over to their poor. They instead see everything in its reality through the guidance of Almighty Allah, and by His inspiration to their hearts, they live with what they have, and they move onward with constancy, perseverance, and patience, consenting to few short days of hard labor.

His religion established, and to serve His supreme will on earth. O Lord, grant me permission to extinguish it. Al-Hassan, referring to his father, and in anticipation that he will further illumine this subject, said, ‘The Prince of the Believers will soon arrive.

I paid my regards of peace and I sat near him. Such a person will be guarded against adversities, and he will be saved from any harm others may try to inflict upon him.

Encourage a coward to come forward and to barter with Me. Such a person will live among the people, and through his prayers, by God’s leave, life and death, rain and prosperity will come, and calamity will be averted.

I exhort you to beware of the day when you become poor and needy, to fear your Lord, to hail His holy Name with praises that befit His majesty and glory, and to pray for forgiveness, for He is most forgiving. Congratulate the one who yearns for My continuous presence. Whosoever recognizes you as My servants, I shall reward him, and whosoever forsakes you, I will let him suffer confusion, regret, and loneliness.

Exalted and most glorious is the Creator and Maker of everything. The complexity of spiritual and intellectual levels of their audience sometimes influence the outcome and the depth of their speeches.

Omar s genuineness made him free from polytheism or arrogance, and he was known for the purity of his intention, his kindness and interest in others welfare. They solicit nothing of the treasures of this world, nor do they accept to relax in the comfort of its furs.


Should I give you a gift?

Do as much as you can, hi,yatul the destroyer of pleasures in this world arrives. God Almighty Aen commanded fire: I am the observer of every move, and not a single blink of an eye can escape My knowledge.

Tazkirat al-Awliya – Wikipedia

If they acknowledge, then inform them that Allah has enjoined upon them five times prayers for each day and night. They live through the ephemeral days of this passing world satisfied with little, and cautious of a forthcoming distressful Day of Reckoning. I am stingy, so please make me generous.

The people of Quraish shook and became distressed as they saw us, and on that day, God’s Messenger named me al-Farouq. Only after the four years passed that ‘Abdullah divided the remaining balance between the heirs. Who is your master.

Thus, Allah’s servant must be constantly yearning and uneasy at the same time. Whenever Allah, blessed is His Name, mentioned the dwellers of paradise.

This is ‘Amir bin Fahlrah’s body. In fact, Allah, blessed is His Name, does not accept a votive deed unless one offers the obligatory ones first.

Thus, to prefer what God’s messenger preferred, to desire what he desired, to practice the type of devotion he practiced, and to discard what he discarded, will unfailingly cleanse and purify one’s heart, and it will make him true to his Lord. The magnificent revealed Book speaks through them, and with it they speak.

Thy bosom friend is going to be thrown into the blazing fire. He was one of the ea-ly callers to God’s path and a pious believer.