• April 25, 2019

JEDEC STANDARD Board Level Drop Test Method of Components for Handheld Electronic Products JESDB JULY JEDEC SOLID. The reliability of this package has been studied by employing the JEDEC JESDB standard drop test. In this paper, the JEDEC B-condition is applied to. The need for RoHS compliant boards coupled with the demand for reliable electronics has resulted in the development of the JEDEC Standard JESD B to.

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Due to tolerance stack up, a small gap is still possible jesd222 this gap shall not exceed 50 microns. Sample sizes greater than specified below can be used to generate statistically sufficient data.

mesd22 The boards shall be symmetric in construction about the mid-plane of the board, except for the minor differences in the top and bottom two layers. Depending on the strike surface, same drop height may result in different G level and pulse duration.


A visible partial separation of component from the test board, even without a significant increase in resistance or intermittent discontinuity, shall also be considered as a failure.

Suite Arlington, VA Fax: Board thickness, warpage, and pad sizes shall also be measured using a sampling plan. The number of washers used shall be the same for all four screws.

This plate will serve as the mounting structure for the PCB assemblies. The maximum number of drops shall be 30 irrespective of single or double-sided assembly.

The board shall still be designed as double-sided with footprint of similar sized components on each side. Since components with body sizes larger than 15 mm x 15 mm in size are not used in these applications, the maximum size of the component body covered in this standard is 15 mm x 15 mm.


These handheld electronic products are more prone to being dropped during their useful service life because of their size and weight. The information included in JEDEC standards and publications represents a sound approach to product specification and application, principally from the solid state device manufacturer viewpoint.

This method is not intended to substitute for full characterization testing, which might incorporate substantially larger sample sizes and increased number of drops. Other suggestions for document improvement: A trace width of microns shall jesd2 used for all traces outside jwsd22 component region.

For board Side A, the microvias in pads shall be created with laser ablation with via diameter of microns. JEDEC standards and publications are adopted without regard to whether or not their adoption may involve patents or articles, materials, or processes. The fundamental mode results in maximum displacements and is typically most damaging.

Therefore, this standard requires that the board shall be horizontal in orientation with components facing in downward direction during the test.

The failure data can only be pooled together when they have been proved to be statistically equivalent.

JESDB B Board level drop test menthod of components for handheld eletronic products_百度文库

Plated through holes or edge fingers shall be provided on each end of the board for soldering wires, one for each side top and bottom of the board. This is required as typical PCB assemblies used in handheld electronic systems are constructed using high density, buildup technology. Drop testing on other board orientation is not required but may be performed if deemed necessary. This test method is not meant to address the drop test methods required to simulate shipping and handling related shock of electronic subassemblies.


A lightweight accelerometer such as Endevco model 22, 0. The modulus and Tg of the dielectric materials shall be specified. The board assembly shall then be mounted on the drop test fixture using four screws. All failures after each drop shall be logged. The die size and thickness should be similar to the functional die size to be used in application. jeed22

For example, a 9 x 9 pad array can be designed to accommodate suitably designed daisy chain components with 8 x 8, 7 x 7, 8 x 9, or any other ball array combination. A packaged semiconductor device.

The maximum component size shall be 15 mm in length or width and there shall be at least 5 and 8 mm gap between the components in x- and y-direction, respectively. The mechanical property measurements are not required for every board lot, unless the fab process, material, or vendor is changed from lot to lot.

The vias shall then be plated resulting in straight or near straight walls. It is recommended that the component mounting pads on the PCB uesd22 designed as per the specification in Table 3 for area array devices. Depending on the monitoring system used, the failure is defined as follows: This can occur if the PCB traces come off the board with component while maintaining electrical continuity.

Ford Packaging Drop Te This includes all traces making contact with solder joint interconnect as well as all internal layers.