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Le Grimoire d’Armadel peut donc être perçu comme une sorte de “grimoire .. Il y est aussi enseigné s’ils possèdent le libre-arbitre ; et de quelle manière. Durante dos fines de semana ha sido publicado el link al “Liber Armadel”, una edición revisada que incluía entre sus páginas, el Sello. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Liber armadel sen totius The Grimoire of Armadel / [translated by] S. L MacGregor Mathers. p. cm.

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In this Sigil, howbeit, there is formed a certain spedes of ‘Man’ for castings out. They can deceive men and assume armzdel forms, and change the just inclinations of men into evil passions. Armadell if you fallow the Latin titles in Mathers version the text begin with the Sanhedrin, Jesus and go on to the creation of Adam and the demons and the angels etc.

Is not the Heart a recurved Vase of Blood?

Le Corbeau Noir ou La Triple Contrainte de l’Enfer.

He is a very docile Spirit who appeareth as soon as he is invoked. Seeing that we possess the explanation of the Magical Circle, let us here state that it is Employed for the Invocation of Spirits, so as to escape the dangers which might arise through their malice. Conf itebor Jesu tibi Christi rex Aeternaegloriae verbum caro factum est, ex THE MAGIC OF Maria de Spiritu Sancte te humillime deprecor per vulnere tua sanctissima quae suntfons regenerationis mos trae in fide et charitate per delectissimam Marium Matrem tuam semper immaculatam et omnes sanctes tuos ne impediar opere ad mortem justifican in fide et charitate quoniam fides sine operibus mortua, non nobis domine non nobis sed nomini tuo, nequando dicant gentes ubi est.

And whatsoever thou shalt seek in Bereshith, shallbe given back unto thee in Mercavah. There is also taught the reason of the laws of such virtues and of their uses.

Editions du Monolithe

Also the Mysterious Operations of such Angels, both as regardeth ourselves and our actions. This is his Character. After having repeated this Conjuration three times, if so be that the Spirit apeareth not unto you, you shall armade the present following Conjuration three times.

Also there can be expelled all things noxious unto body armadek mind, and further in like manner this Mystic Sigil operateth in their restoration. He is to be invoked on a Tuesday.

Grimoire of Armadel – Wikipedia

He, being invoked, appeareth speedily, and that at any time and at any hour. Thus are his Characters see Figures 32 and Did it not also give forth and withdraw the faculty of Hope, and before that it withdrew, did it not rejoice in the Quinary Number; going forth and returning in that same Number; for it rejoiced in the Nature of the Creatures which do exist in the Number of the Quinary. From thine inmost heart and in tears shalt thou say unto the Lord thy God, ‘ 1 have sinned, nevertheless O Lord return unto me whom Thou hast humiiated.


If thus thou shalt have heard the voice of the Lord thy God and shalt have walked in his ways, that thou mayest do and keep His commandments, the Lord thy God shall make these more excellent than all the Nations which be spread abroad upon the Earth; and by reason of that blessing shall they come unto thee and learn of thee, Blessed shalt thou be in the City, and blessed shalt thou be in the field, and blessed shall be the fruit of thy body.

And seeing that the Lord God, having formed from the ground all the animals of the Earth and all the winged things of heaven, did bring all these living creatures before Adam himself, then did his Name that is the Spirit or Breath go forth upon them ; and the Dust 14 being arrested, there did it remain, and the Rose 15 was restored. Neither ever hereafter shouldest thou despise this holiest Mystery; for thee the Spirit of Life is herein like as in the Dust of a Man.

And in the Name of the Lord he said unto them: In this Sigil be the methods whereby we can force the Devils to show themselves file: Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name; hest the heathen may say: Nisi Dominus Operitus nobiscum in vanum laborant qui operantur. There be many Spirits under the rule of Camael who can serve you in many things, and especially such as you shall demand of them. He is to be invoked on a Sunday before Sunrise.

All these things be shown forth in the Letters and in the Sigil herewith given, through their Number and Combination. He hath much in his power, and on your demand he will tell you the extent thereof. Herein also are taught unheard of and most terrible Mysteries, of such Interval and of Life. Now it is my believe that the whole grimoire was written backward, this is to say that you should read the last page first the title page then the last chapter and so on.

Avail not yourself of their services. And these words which I teach unto thee shall be in thine heart, thou shalt relate them unto thy children and thou shalt meditate upon them, when thou sittest in thine house, when thou walkest by the wayside, when thou sleepest, and when thou arisest; and thou shalt bind them like unto a staff for thine hand, and thou shalt place them between thine eyes and thou shalt write them upon the threshold and portals of thy dwelling place.


He can give unto you great riches. It is alone the Name of God which can enable you to force them and all others to come unto you.

Having obtained from the Spirit that which you desire, you shall license him to depart in these words: Let Thine ears be inchined unto the voice of my supplication. When you cause these Spirits under Aratron to come unto you, see that you remain not long in their company. There is that Most Holy Mystery, let him who hath ears to hear, hear and live O Lord God, may he be Anathema accursed whosoever he be, who shall have despised this most precious Mystery.

Is not the Head the seat ljber Imagination, of Memory and of Intellect? His Character is thus see Figure 2. There be also shown the Mysteries of our hearts through this Number of Thirty-two.

Deprecor Domine Deus Meus Omnipotens in conspectu Tuo Operatio mea et comittentier mihi et operatione mea sanctissimi here follow a collection of scratches evidently intended to represent Hebrew Letters which I imagine are intended to stand for the words: This order is completely the opposite of that one on the bible this is god first, then the angels, the demons, Adam, Jesus, the Crucifixion and the Sanhedrin.

The Spirit having entered into them, also they spake. And so also is the Man who understandeth the Mysteries of the Book, and of the Similitude of the Rose, and the Mystery of the Dust; preserving the same in the inmost of his heart like a Magically guarded Treasure: Thus is his Character see Figure 6. Now for the first time in English I Frater Alastorrendering into the html format.

Also here be those things which do appear and are reputed to be supernatural.