• May 10, 2019

Good evening, I recently had a Buderus G installed with a Logamatic control that monitors the boiler and the DHW unit. I don’t. Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 4 Buderus Logamatic manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual, . View and Download Buderus Logamatic applications manual online. Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, .

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It comes from the main AC input to the panel. Reference Design Temperature Table Of Contents General Discussion Pro’s Forum: As an aside, besides doing all the heat loss math, is it possible just to cross-check it empirically by taking a degree day and putting it into night mode from a fully-heated to degree day mode and seeing how long it takes to drop x degrees?

As far as the dhw circ goes, it gets powered from 24 25 not the relay. Building Science Discussions Pro’s Forum: Find all posts by NJT. Running The Relay Test It’s nothing peculiar to the The circulator for the water heater gets powered from 24 and 25 in the logo. The Log provides AC to the burner. Related Manuals for Buderus Logamatic No related manuals. I have some particular questions about the setup of the Logamatic: W Iring Diagrams 6 Logmaatic don’t currently have a Buderus room temperature sensor, though the thought had crossed my mind to include one in the future.


I bought oil from a local company and had them come out to commission the boiler. I’m a fan of running this stuff into the ground. Study that and get back with any questions. It fired right up and has been working great ever since and saving me money. Not sure if that’s helpful for efficiency or not, or if it matters in figuring the information I’m looking to calculate in my previous post, but Logwmatic thought I’d mention it just in case. The are on the authorized Buderus list so I figured I could trust them to at least know something.


Sometimes the buderus probe is tough and you might have to give it a good sanding to get it to go. Find all posts by dburr9.

New Install Wiring Help Needed – G115 / Logamatic 2107 / Taco SR504 / IDHW

Page 56 Logamatic Controls Applications Manual 9. Mounting Of The Logamatic Dhw Recirculation Pump The first question, and one that seems to be impossible to find any information on, is how curves are calculated at such-and-such temperature in order to determine the right setting for the reference design temperature and max temperature.

Buderus Logamatic Applications Manual 72 pages Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, loyamatic zones, and solar DHW capability.

I am not sure when that model came out but is at least 15 years old. Switching The Controls Off Setting The Burner Type Once it’s in you just plug it into the logo. As always, please excuse my ignorance but I am finally finishing up this new replacement boiler installation and have some questions about wiring.


Also, is there a correlation between the reference design temperature and how frequently the boiler comes on? Here are pics of bottom of Boilermate and the new sensor that goes to the Log. I assume I will use 12ga wiring for this connection, correct? Standard Display And Logamattic Values The logo will give power to the relay once the indirect is satisfied. All you do is pull out the copper probe and slide the buderus logamattic in.

Maximum Boiler Temperature Well that kind of stinks. The service guy was pretty blown away by the neat installation and offered me a job lol, no kidding. Page 58 Logamatic Controls Applications Manual 9. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Type Of Building And no, I had never done one before. Page 68 Buderus generally recommends the use of 3 way mixing valves when using a Buderus boiler. On the boiler mate the sensor goes under the tank in the middle of the plate.

Lgoamatic it doesn’t reach you can splice therm wire in to extend it. Power Quality Pro’s Forum: Selecting The Standard Program Always follow manufacturers instructions, because like it or not, the Engineers at those companies make their recommendations for a reason. Cleaning The Control Panel Refer to the Logamatic Service Manual for setting options 41 Logamatic Controls applications manual